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Pyocins: Natural bacteria killers

Double-page spread created as part of the Visual representation of Biomolecular structure and function course in the Masters in Biomedical communications (2020)


The goal of this assignment was to create an accurate visual depiction of a molecular process, as a two-page detachable poster for a popular science magazine. 

Pyocins are elegant supra-molecular assemblies produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. They specifically recognise and attack competing bacterial strains, with an efficiency that approaches single shot killing. I created this illustration in order to educate a lay audience on the molecular mechanism of this biological nanomachine, as it could have important applications for public health. This is why the narrative ends with an emphasis on the therapeutic potential of pyocins as a novel type of precision antibiotics. I rendered the molecular reconstruction of a pyocin in 3D and made it the central visual focus of the composition in order to draw viewers into the illustration. I used 2D schematics to visually simplify the molecular complexity of pyocin into the essential protein components responsible for its mechanism of action. 

As I believe that data transparency is crucial for building public trust in Science, this piece is meant to be accompanied by a visual document referencing and explaining the creative process of each of its components.

Audience: Educated lay public

Media: UCSF Chimera, Maxon Cinema4D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

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