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Lower nerve transfer

Surgical sequence excerpt created as part of the Visual representation of medical knowledge course in the Masters in Biomedical communications (2020)

This page is an excerpt from a larger illustrated sequence designed for a surgical atlas, and describing lower nerve transfers from the femoral branches innervating the vastus muscles to the tibial branches innervating the heads of the gastrocnemius. This is a relatively novel procedure, which many surgeons are still unfamiliar with. In particular, mentally visualizing the paths of reconstructed nerves inside the leg and thigh can be challenging.

The goal of this sequential illustration was to create a clear and concise visual narrative that accurately describes the temporal, anatomical and procedural aspects of the surgery, based on the observation of the live surgical procedure by Dr. Jana Dengler, at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. 

Audience: Surgeon students

Media: Pen and ink, Adobe Illustrator

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