I am a natural born artist & visual thinker with PhD-level scientific experience.

As fascinated by Science as by Art, I used to think that these two worlds were not meant to meet. Facing the need to communicate my own research results, I revisited my initial belief when I realized how much information one single image can instantly convey and the power it has to drive up  the engagement and understanding of any audience. 

As an independent Science illustrator and communicator, I draw on my strong background in fundamental research, my training as a Science teacher and my creative mind to translate complex concepts into clear and compelling visuals, without distorting the message.

Do you have a story to share?... Let's bring it to life together!


3 years of scientific illustration

6 years of cutting-edge fundamental research in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

3 years of public outreach as a scientific editor & translator for the online journal TheScienceBreaker


2017 - PhD in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

2013   -   Master of Biology & Health

2012 - Ranked 1st at french "Agrégation" of Biochemistry & Biology Engineering (selective exam for recruitment of teachers for advanced education)

University of Geneva, Switzerland

Ecole Normale Supérieure

Cachan, France

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